To The Seeker of Truth:

We are about to set forth upon one of the most incredible adventures that man has ever traveled. It will be surprising to you that so much has gone unnoticed in the past, and that only today are these discoveries being made.  If you are ready to take this journey, I welcome you. If you are not ready, I hope that you will return someday when you are. For those who are, let's proceed by scrolling down the page as needed and by clicking every link that I submit to you.

I have spent much time trying to think of the best way to introduce you to the 14 Tiered Pyramid and how it relates to Shakespeare's Sonnets. The path of Discovery that I found myself upon was quite incredible, and taught me about Divine Inspiration first hand. I have considered that this is the only way that one should discover the Truth of this Pyramid, but also realized that once in 400 years is not often enough for Truth of this magnitude to be revealed. So I do have a plan for you.

There are two numbers which I have read about called the "Secret Seal" numbers. They are 157 and 287. In the beginning of my studies into the Shakespeare Authorship riddle, I read about how a "secret literary society", the "Fra Rosi Crosse",  used these numbers to place their signature into the Shakespeare works. They used word counts, letter counts, and various other clever methods to mark these Plays and Sonnets as their work. 

Below is a simple diagram that shows the 14 Tiered Pyramid as it is divided with 26 Days in each Tier. The first Tier contains Days 1 through 26, the second Tier has Days 27 through 52, so on up the 14th Tier with Days 339 through 364. Day 365 is just beyond the peak of the 14th Tier. Notice that the 7th Tier begins with Day 157 and the 12th Tier begins with Day 287. This is an important part of the design, and has great significance that we will be seeing more of real soon.

As the 14 Tiered Pyramid relates to the 154 Sonnets, each Tier contains 11 Sonnets. Each Sonnet contains 14 Lines, with the exception of Sonnet 126 with 12 Lines, and Sonnet 99 with 15 Lines. But basically, putting aside these two exceptions, with 11 Sonnets in each Tier, and 14 Lines in each Sonnet, we end up with 154 Lines in each Tier.

Taking 26 Days divided by 154 Lines, or by reducing the formula, 13 Days divided by  77 Lines, we have each Line being exactly 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 7 seconds. This may not seem like something that Shakespeare would know about, but I believe it is something that John Dee, the great Elizabethan Astrologer and Mathematician, did know about. We'll see more evidence of this as we go along. Click here to look at the first Tier and how the Days and Sonnets relate to each other.

Look at the first line and see that there are two columns of Line numbers. The Line numbers in the colored boxes are the Lines of each individual Sonnet. The Line numbers in the white column are the Line numbers of the complete Sonnets collection. One of the first Discoveries I made was that these numbers play a critical part in many of the lessons contained in this design.

Looking across the Table you will see Day 001 and that it begins at 12:00:00 am on Line 0001, and that Line 0001 ends at 04:03:07 am, for a total of 4 hours, 3 minutes, and 7 seconds for that Line. Day 001 ends on Line 0006 at Midnight, but Line 0006 goes on till 12:18:42 am. This is into Day 002, so that's why the color changes on this Line. Day 002 begins on Line 0006 at 12:00:00 am, but Day 002 does not begin a Line until Line 0007. Or said another way, Line 0007 is the first complete Line of Day 002.

Now scroll down and you will see how the Days are divided into the Tier and will see the Lines that they relate to. Stop at Day 013 and notice how at Line 0077 the Day ends at 11:59:59 pm, then Day 014, on Line 0078, begins again at 12:00:00 am. This is where the "77" Lines divided by "13" Days is demonstrated. As each Tier is a microcosm map of the total Sonnets collection macrocosm, this point also relates to Sonnet "77" being the last Sonnet of the first half of the collection, and Sonnet "78" beginning the second half.

Now scroll on down to the end which is the end of Sonnet 011, Line 0154,  and Day 026. All 14 Tiers are divided in the exact same way. On the Table below look for the link, which is above the text of the Sonnet, at the Sonnet number, and click on the link "011" for Sonnet 011.

What you now see is another Table with all 11 Sonnets listed in Tier 001 with two sets of Cipher numbers, each set with "Simple, Reverse, Short, Kaye" totals. The first set is using the first letters of all 14 Lines. The second set is using the first letters of Lines 2 through 12. This gives us "14 Letter" Ciphers and "11 Letter" Ciphers. In this example, Sonnet 011, notice that the 14 Letter Simple Cipher is 157. This is one half of the Secret Seal signature. If we take the first Letter from each of the first 14 Sonnets, which is the first Letter of Sonnet 001, an "F"; the first Letter of Sonnet 002, a "W"; the first Letter of Sonnet 003, an "A"; so on up to the first Letter of Sonnet 14, an "N", we get these Letters: "F W L U T T L M I F A W O N". Now add up the Cipher totals and we get a Kaye Cipher 287.  Here is the other Secret Seal number. Pay attention to this closely, Sonnet "11" contains the Simple Cipher 157. The first Letters of the first "14" Sonnets contains the Kaye Cipher 287. There are two relationships happening here, the Simple Cipher 157 to the Kaye Cipher 287, and also the "11" to the "14". In this Pyramid both of these relationships are repeated in many places. For instance, "11" Sonnets in each Tier with "14" Lines in each Sonnet for 154 Lines in each Tier, there are 154 Sonnets, which is "14" Tiers multiplied by "11" Sonnets, so on and so on. I won't point all of them out to you. I will mention briefly for those of you paying attention, and any mathematicians who may be reading this, that there are other Pyramids to study in the Sonnets design, including an 11 Tiered Pyramid among others.

Possibly you may wonder why the second set of Cipher numbers is using the first Letters of Lines 2 through 12. As I began crunching all the numbers of the Sonnets I knew there had to be two sets, one with the 14 Lines, but also an 11 Letter set. I tried the first 11 Lines, the last 11 Lines, but did not get any results that I was looking for. Well, there is a very significant clue that I was overlooking, and in hindsight it seems I was totally blind, but I did get it after a few days. On the Table below, scroll up to the Table that shows Tier 06 with Sonnets 056 through 066. 

(At this point let me explain why this Table goes from the bottom - up, and the Tiers Tables go from the top - down. The Tiers Tables show the text of the Sonnets, so to read the Sonnets we have to go downward in the Lines. In the Cipher Tables, I show them as they would be going from the bottom of the Pyramid to the top in the order of the Tiers and where they fit into the design.)

Look at the 14 Letters of Sonnet 66: "T A A A A A A A A A A A T S".  See a "T", then 11 "A"s, then another "T", and an "S". This is an interesting arrangement symbolically. Two "T"s have been written about in reference to them being the two "Pillars" which we must pass beyond in our search for Truth. So here we have two Pillars, and the 11 "A"s may be symbolic of an 11 Tiered Pyramid that I hinted at a moment ago. The "A" looks like a Pyramid, and the 11 could represent 11 Tiers. This is something that you may want to study yourself if you take an interest in all this. I will assure you that there are fascinating Discoveries to be found on that path. In fact the "S" at the end may represent the "path".

Also very importantly are the number Ciphers of this Sonnet. See that the 14 Letter Simple Cipher is 67. This is the next Sonnet number in the Collection, and this is the only place in the Sonnets where the Simple Cipher of one Sonnet gives the Sonnet number of the following Sonnet. This is perhaps symbolic of a bridge across the Tiers. Notice that if we were to use the first Letters of Lines 2 through 12, the Simple Cipher of those Letters in this Sonnet is 11. Could this also represent two "Pillars"? What is especially interesting in this place in the Pyramid, is that by "passing" beyond these "Pillars", the two "T"s, and also the "11", we move into the 7th Tier. This happens to be the place where Day 157 begins. So in some symbolic way, by passing beyond the Pillars we begin our search for Truth with Day 157. This is an "Initiation", and it's as if you have been just initiated into the Mystical Shakespeare School of the 14 Tiered Pyramid.

But what about the other Secret Seal number? We just came up with the 157, seems that the other number should appear somewhere. Click here to look at the Cipher Tables for Sonnets 078-154. Now scroll down to the 11th Tier with Sonnet 111 through 121. I'm going to let you in on a secret here. If we use the modern 26 Letter alphabet where A-Z is 1-26, as opposed to the 24 Letter alphabet that I use in this website where A-Z is 1-24, the 14 Letter Simple Cipher of Sonnet 121 would be 157. Is this significant?  Well, let's look at it this way, Sonnet "11" is the peak of the first Tier and has a Simple Cipher 157, here Sonnet 121 is the peak of Tier "11" and has a Simple Cipher 157 using the 26 Letter alphabet. By passing beyond Tier "11", with the represented two "Pillars", we begin the 12th Tier with Day 287. Ah, the other Secret Seal number. We can also look at it this way, when we passed beyond the 11 Letter Simple Cipher of Sonnet 066, which was "11" and two "Pillars", we began Day 157. We travel in this path till we reach the Peak of the 11th Tier which is Sonnet 121, and here we find a 14 Letter Simple Cipher 157 (using the 26 letter alphabet). Then by passing beyond the 11th Tier, again two "Pillars", we begin the journey on Day 287. This is an "Initiation" into an even Higher Learning.

( Did you know that using the 26 letter alphabet, "UNITED STATES" is 157 Simple Cipher, 287 Kaye Cipher?)

There are some very interesting connections between the numbers 11 and 66, and also the numbers 67 and 157. Click here for the 365 Days links page. Then click on Day 011 on that Table below. Look carefully at where Day 011 is aligned. Day 011 begins on Line 0060, and goes into Line 0066. Line 0061 is the first complete Line of Day 011, but Day 011 begins on Line 0060.

Here is  an an important tip for those of you who may want to explore for themselves the mysteries of the Sonnets. If you study this Tier, Tier 01, you see 154 Lines and 26 Days. Why couldn't we use the microcosm/macrocosm idea here. "As above, so below." Well, we can, and we will right now. This Tier is an obvious map of a 26 Tiered Pyramid. 154 Sonnets divided into 26 Tiers. We have a basic breakdown right in front of us. The 11th Tier of the 26 Tiered Pyramid begins in Sonnet 060, and goes into Sonnet 066. I've already done the math, and will tell you that exactly, the 11th Tier of the 26 Tiered Pyramid begins on Line 0831 of the Sonnets, which is Line 05 of Sonnet 060, and goes into Line 0913 of the Sonnets, or Line 03 of Sonnet 066. Notice that the 3rd Line of Sonnet 066 takes us beyond the first "T". So symbolically, the 11th Tier of the 26 Tiered Pyramid takes us beyond the first Pillar, and into the beyond. The 12th Tier takes us well into Sonnet 67 and Day 157. Compare with the 11th Tier in the 14 Tiered Pyramid that takes us up to the 12th Tier and Day 287. Click here to go back to the Ciphers Tables and scroll to the 6th Tier. Remember that the 11th Tier of the 26 Tiered Pyramid begins on Sonnet 060. Look at the 11 Letter Kaye Cipher of Sonnet 060. There is the 287 that we move into when passing the 11th Tier of the 14 Tiered Pyramid.

Are you starting to get the picture? Well, there is a lot more to see. What about "Day 066", would this have anything to show us? Click here to get to the 365 Days link page again. Then click on Day 066 in that Table. See that Day 066 is in Sonnet 028, then Day 067 begins and leads us into Sonnet 029. Since Sonnet 067 begins with Day 157, let's look to Sonnet 029 since it begins in Day 067. Click on the "029" link at the Sonnet number on that Table. Now you should be at the Cipher Table for the 3rd Tier, and look at the Ciphers for Sonnet 029 and see the Simple Cipher 157, which we would expect by now, but notice the Kaye Cipher 365. Here is another important clue for us. This is the only place in the Sonnets Ciphers where we see a Simple 157 and a Kaye 365. This is showing us about the Pyramid as a whole, and that 365 is the "goal". Remember how the Days divide into groups of 13 Days and 77 Lines? If we were to use that as the model for a Pyramid with 77 Lines in each Tier, we get a 28 Tiered Pyramid. Basically it is the 14 Tiered Pyramid with the Tiers divided into half. (Note that the 14 Tiered Pyramid is the "perfect" Pyramid in that each Tier is divided at clean places where the Days and Sonnets end at the same points. The other Pyramids divide in the middle of Days or Sonnets.)  So with the 28 Tiered Pyramid, the 29th Tier would be where Day 365 is. Ah, see how Sonnet 029 is showing us a model? Plus is it the Sonnet that begins in Day 067.

Many things are beginning to weave together. It's quite fascinating how the Secret Seal numbers come up in basic mathematical ways, but in related places they come up in Ciphers. This is proof that there is a design to this structure. Coincidence just does not offer a realistic solution to this many relationships. It is possible that once you learn to explore the Pyramid, that you too will be able to predict where certain numbers will show up in Cipher. And you will go there to find exactly what you are looking for. This is exciting to do, it is as if we are sharing the same "mindspace" as the Masters that lived 400 years ago.

By weighing and considering all the connections and Ciphers that I have found, I believe the mathematical Tables were worked out by John Dee, and were given to Francis Bacon at some point early on in his life, to be used as a writing medium for "Shakespeare". I will present the evidence for this theory in the same way that this demonstration was presented. But for now click here to read Sonnet 122 which begins Day 287 after passing beyond the 11th Tier, the "Higher Initiation".

Note: In the facsimile of the 1609 Quarto edition there are two significant "typos" on this Sonnet. The first word of this Sonnet, which is also the first word after passing beyond the two Pillars represented by the "11" (Tier 11), is spelled with two "T"s, "TThy". Remember how just before passing beyond the 6th Tier, and the "11" contained in that place, there were two "T"s also that represented two Pillars ("T", 11 "A"s, then another "T"). Well, here we just passed beyond the second set of Pillars, and we find immediately another double "T" symbol. Next we find two commas after the second word. These typos frame the two words, "Thy guift". The Simple Cipher of 'THY GUIFT" is 111. When we pass beyond the first set of Pillars into Day 157 and Sonnet 067. The "11" Letter Simple Cipher of Sonnet 067 is 111. It is interesting that when we move into Day 067 and go into Sonnet 029 we again find an "11" Letter Simple Cipher of 111. The 111 must have symbolic importance that I have not gained insight into yet. Perhaps a "Third" Pillar, the "Invisible" Pillar.

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