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To the best of my knowledge, at this point in time, as far as I know, there is not yet one iota of historical evidence that Francis Bacon was born with the name, “William Tudor.” So why have I spent nearly twenty years promoting my website that claims, “A website honoring Sir Francis Bacon, who was William Tudor, who was William Shakespeare”?

First of all, there is abundant convincing evidence that Francis Bacon was William Shakespeare, and certainly compelling evidence he was the first born son of Queen Elizabeth I. But where did I get the idea that he was born as William Tudor? In all honesty, as crazy as it sounds, and indeed is, the concept came in a very strange and vivid dream that has changed my life in late 2000.

In the dream I was gazing at a beautiful diamond and I heard a voice that said, “Dee, I am John Dee.” Startled, I replied, “If you are John Dee, tell me a story.” In my dream, Dee shared two conversations he had with Elizabeth. The first one when she was younger and asked him to choose a name for her first born son. He asked her what she wanted her son to be like. She told him she desired him to be remembered forever as England’s greatest mind, to be the world’s most brilliant literary genius, and also to bring the entire world into a new enlightened age. Dee provided her the name, “William” and instructed her to use her “will” to make her wishes come to be. Her son would be her “Will”, he would become King and be the first of many Williams. Her strong will would be powerful enough for William to be everything she desired. In fact, William would forever be her “Seal” for as long as humanity survived. The second conversation was somewhat later, and Elizabeth was becoming impatient and the two of them argued. Dee pleaded with her to be patient, and she demanded that she have her will. “I will have my Will!” I heard those words come from her very forcefully and they are imprinted in my brain. It is as if I heard them yesterday. Of course, it was a “just” merely a dream.

During that period in my life, I had already been searching for the numbers 157 and 287 in Shakespeare. That was my thing at the time. I could also add the Simple and Kaye ciphers for words and names in my head quickly from doing it so often. First thing I did when I woke up was do the math. WILLIAM TUDOR was 148 Simple cipher and 252 Kaye cipher. I knew that adding the letter “I” makes a perfect 157 Simple cipher and 287 Kaye cipher. So, if William were to become the first William Tudor to be King, he would be WILLIAM TUDOR I and fulfill Elizabeth’s 157/287 Seal. Thus, I began to study the Sonnets and what I have found and continue to find reenforces the story from my dream. Is this any kind of proof Bacon was born as William Tudor? Absolutely not. Should I even promote the idea? Probably not.

I understand that some Baconians wish I would go away as my work undermines the very serious fact based efforts by highly intelligent and educated scholars who are working extremely hard with actual historical evidence to prove Bacon was Shakespeare. That is why I am writing this disclaimer. Family and friends have told me to not share the dream story as it makes me sound like a kook. Well, kook or not, this is the truth and why I am doing what I am doing. I feel I have no choice; it is as if, to me, this is the reason I was born. My discovery of the mathematical Sonnets Pyramid Design was a direct result of that dream, and it can and will be proven. But the idea that Bacon’s real name is William may never be proven. However, I can certainly demonstrate some places in the Sonnets where it appears to suggest that is true. And remember, whoever wrote the Sonnets even says, “…my name is Will.”

July 2, 2022, 02:57:04 AM GMT - Current Line of the Sonnets is: 1079

So oft have I invoked thee for my Muse,

Line number 1079 of the Sonnets and Line 1 of Sonnet Number 78
during Day Number 183 in Tier number 8 of the Sonnets Pyramid.

Our Shake-speares Sonnets Dedication Cipher Solution

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More about the Sonnets Dedication poem solution.

Early clue about the "Star pointed pyramid" below:

WHat neede my Shakespeare for his honour'd bones,
The labour of an Age, in piled stones
Or that his hallow'd Reliques should be hid
Vnder a starre-ypointing Pyramid?

Deare Sonne of Memory, great Heire of Fame,
What needst thou such dull witnesse of thy Name?
Thou in our wonder and astonishment
Hast built thy selfe a lasting Monument:
For whil'st to th'shame of slow-endevouring Art
Thy easie numbers flow, and that each part,
Hath from the leaves of thy unvalued Booke,
Those Delphicke Lines with deepe Impression tooke
Then thou our fancy of her selfe bereaving,
Dost make us Marble with too much conceiving,
And so Sepulcher'd in such pompe dost lie
That Kings for such a Tombe would wish to die.

Milton: On Shakespeare (1632)


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Masonic Pyramid

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Bacon's Pyramid

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